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The establishment of our company has been a little interesting, when I started to protect my own KTM motorcycle, I thought that I really loved this job and that I could design and produce new more powerful models and I set off. first of all the models I made to my friends attracted a lot of attention and then the question of why I did not sell around the world appeared in my head, I created international sales contacts through ebay, I was very happy when I made my first international sale in two days and came back very fast.

And finally we became a company as Motoes, I and my employees as a total of 4 people.

As demands and new demands came, we developed products and gave positive answers to most of them.Our international dealers are formed and we respect our dealers and we direct the requests from their regions to our dealers.

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''We do our job with precision and meticulousness. "
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"We work disciplined and programmed."