Usually, the inner tubes have one year warranty. Problems like air leak in the nozzle or in the emend of the inner it is fabricantion problems. This kind of problems Lucioli can replace.We still guarantee that the inner can run completly empty for 20 km. Although we have testing with Brazilian customers that reach 160 km without any puncture. But the warranty is 20 km completly empty.
Lucioli inner tubes have some lines and draws in order to identify its wear, so if the inner tubes presente some kind of production problem, this problem will appear maximum within three months. After this period is difficult to claim manufacturing defect.
If the inner tubes are mounted bended inside the tire or if the inner tubes remain bended more than 03 months out of the tire it may present puncture and for this misuse Lucioli will not give the guarantee nor even reposition.
All the kind of problems you may have with your final customer, you need to send pictures or vídeos in order to analyze all the features in order to decide about the reposition.

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